Bartow Regional Medical Centre Invests US$110 to Expand Services in USA


Bartow Regional Medical Center is investing $110 million to expand its emergency, catheterisation lab, and surgical services departments, enhancing programmes and services that benefit the community.


The project includes renovations to the pharmacy, lab, OR support, SPD, and central plant areas. 

The hospital will expand by nearly 70,000 square feet, adding 18 inpatient beds and enhancing the emergency, ICU, catheterisation lab, and surgical services departments.

This multi-phase project begins with relocating Bartow Regional Medical Centre's helipad to create space for an expanded emergency department, which will feature 27 examination areas and a new second floor. The planned expansions are as follows:

  • Moving the ICU to the new second floor and doubling its capacity from 6 to 12 beds
  • Creating a 12-bed ICU step-down unit on the new second floor
  • Adding an additional cath lab/interventional radiology suite
  • Constructing two more operating rooms
  • Introducing 11 new post- anaesthesia care unit (PACU) bays
  • Expanding space for the Sterile Processing Department (SPD)
  • Expanding space for Clinical Engineering


Construction is scheduled to start by the end of this year.

Name      Bartow Regional Medical Center
Type        Expansion
Budget    US$110 million